“For people, and for the sake of people”

Growing up, I was always a writer.

But on April 30, 2007, I was given a magazine –  Newsweek’s special edition on the Virginia Tech massacre. With each page came new analysis, a new look at guns, at mental illness, at society; telling the stories of each victim’s life. Article after article explored the tragedy, and my concept of a writer’s role as societal interpreter and documentarian took shape. No longer was writing the act of putting letters on paper. In a time of great pain, simple words facilitated a nation’s ability to comprehend, to grieve, to address the unthinkable. Words – and through them, the reporters – allowed our country to communicate, share and understand a situation, and I knew my words could one day do the same.

That morning, I became a journalist.

I’ve won national awards for these stories:

Read my most recent work at The Frederick News-Post in Maryland here.

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